Just like this father’s mother believes in myself.。
Naruto touched his belly,Father gives me strength,Also bless the blog!
Spring does not care about how the peach,Still unswervingly extracts the source of peach。
The fourth Blue Star has been slowly illuminated in one of his eyes.。
Peach fear,This man in front of me is too horrible.。
Obviously his level is just right with him,It can be seen from the complete eyes that he has not evolved.。
Although he has not seen this eye,But also know that this is likely to be with the eyes of the back of the eye.。
So as soon as possible,These levels and people who are equivalent to him are headed by him.。
Even brilliant night,Also respect for this person。
That is, this man still does not reach the limit.。
And the other party is about to become the ultimate shape of the ultimate form.。
He simply doesn’t want this person.。
Totto feels that you are constantly become weak,He also stopped,Just use the grievance of the eyes。
“I will come back.”
In the end, the peach disappeared in this sentence is here.,The other eyes of the spring also have four blue stars.。
“The amount is just almost”Springs show a smile。
He feels that his strength has made great progress.,Of course, this is just Chakra.。
more importantly,His understanding of space rises to a horror height。
Springs closed their eyes,Then the eyes returned to normal。
“I really want to know what extent you have now.”Brilliant night。
Springs looked around,I found that everyone’s eyes were concentrated on his body.。
“Only the mastery of space has strong,And the past is not big”Spring smiles。
Everyone speechless,This is equivalent to absorbing a complete coaching wood home,You tell me that there is not much change。
Mainly, Spring is too rare.,Personally prefer to hide。
Seeing that when the incident of Yuxiobang is known,I think he may have to lose,The result is one after another。
Finally, even the glow night has to accept cooperation with Spring.。
“Ok,You can also use similar space cutting capabilities,The distance from the space is also greatly improved,Control of space energy is also improved”
Spring said helplessly。
“Your limit is only a few high-level high-rise in the big tube family.,You should understand that the big tube must have more power”Brilliant night。
“Since you know,Why should I resist?”Spring said。
“I only need to resist the first wave of attacks.,After they will give me the corresponding position”Brilliant night。
The coastal wood family is quite cruel,People with no power will be respected。
“Compared with these,I really want to know that your body is broken.”Brilliant night。
Springs’ body, she also learned。
Know the body limit of Spring,Hit the space。
This is the hope of Quan Wei likes to overcome the cachet.。
Other tricks that control the five lines of yin and yang in addition,The other is not enough.。
So she will care about this。