“Proportional problem?”
“nonexistent,The ratio is absolutely right,Even if the ratio is wrong,The result cannot be so different。”
“Material issues?”
“But this is a repeated experiment,How could it be a material problem?”
The members of the group fight to form a group,of course,This is indeed a very strange thing。
After all, the two tests are based on the test procedures。
“All right,Stop arguing about this,Retest the difference between the two sets of batteries。”
Wang Yufei stopped the argument,This time around testing again。
The result is still the same,The sample of the first test showed no problems with energy density。
The second sample still ended in failure。
“and many more,The powdered crystals used twice seem to be different。But the first time the crystal is yellowish,The second used crystal is black。”The team member in charge of crystal addition suddenly said。