Self-consciously left!
Fang Yu was playing tricks,Pull down the shutter door。
See a figure not far away,Chased directly!
that person,Seems to be the person during the day!
When Fang Yu chased an alley。
That person,Disappeared!
Fang Yu feels he is nearby,Listen carefully。
Finally saw him in the corner!
“You stab wound,Not easy!”Fang Yu walked over,Asked。
“court death!”
The man took a throwing knife from his arms,Threw it over。
Fang Yu responded quickly,Dodge the flying knife。
See the flying knife not far away,Fang Yu jumped up and took it down。
“I guessed right!You are not ordinary……”
then,Walk towards that person step by step。
“You still have two things!”
The man’s eyes were a little surprised。
Fang Yu looks mediocre,At best, he looks a little handsome。