Then,VNStart back,Get the target to the Casa after you。
AccompanyVNActions,Shining Silver, Silver Arrow,Be removed from behind。
Cold breath,Diffuse in this battlefield。Although it isTLDisadvantage,InVNA moment from behind the huge arrow,Killing is directly filled with the audience。
VNRemove the moment of arrow,She is directly holding the arrow directly in her hand.。
The voice of the arrow is mobilized,Mechanical sounds with arrows,A cold and huge holy silver arrow,fromVNShooting the arrow in the hand。
This arrow,YesVNofESkill,It can cause the effect of repeatingESkill。
In the idea of the master and pre-judgment,ThisEAfter the skill is effective,Casha will be directly shot on the wall.。
TLEveryone,It is also possible to get rid of Casa’s pursuit.。
However, the master of the master is always on his own operation.,But I didn’t notice it.。
Casa,existVNI haven’t turned back yet.,It is already flat.AHitVNOn。
Then,atVNTurning back,Casha put itselfESkill。
In thisEAfter the skill,Casha’s body directly appeared,Made a fierce sprint posture。
Then,Her moving speed,It is behind this,Got large amount of addition。
After moving speed is added,The direction of the Casa walking,It is a distance from the wall.。
finally,In the front of the arrow to arrive at the body of the body,Casha has arrived in her ideal position。
Next moment,Casha’s body is repelled。
Casha’s body,But it is not booked into the wall.。
Her body,Just being hit by a distance。
then,In the short-procedure,First time。
Above Casa’s body,Void kinetility starts a crazy surge。
Then,Her body appears a layer of gray-white shield。
Not so,In an instant, a madness that is crazy in the void kinetic energy,Her body flooded directly into the air。
The body of Casha is behind this,DirectlyVNWhere the place is flying。
Void energy,VNThe body also has a moment of stagnation after this,As if it is unclear, why is Casa to chase it so quickly?。
But no one can answer her this problem.,An instant of Casa flying,Ruz also opened its own big tricks,Directly cut offTLRetreat。
After the situation is developed in the situation,TLThe only one that threatens the output of Casa,There is only one of Sierras.。
Casa raise arm,Void energy again,Precision is incomparablyVNAbove the body。
However,Sierras also stared at this time.。
Casha’s wave,Be very beautiful,Also he helpedIGThe chance to find is right。
but,this isIGAt the same time,TooTLCan play a beautiful anti-hand。
Sierras raised the moment of the arm again,DirectlyESkills,Directly close to the distance between himself and Casa。
Then,After it is close to enough distance,Serasse has almost no hesitation,DirectlyEDecisive,Drop the position of the Casa released。
Her heart is very clear,At this moment,If you can’t make a threat to Casa,I am afraid that they are really facing the waves.。
The chain is in the air,Send a cold 冰 唰,Also flying towards the direction of Casa。
Cold murder,After this lock chain,Diffuse in the air。
When the cold breath in the chain is constantly spreading,Above Casa’s body,But I suddenly lit up a holy treatment of halo.。
This treatment,Directly carry the blood of the Casa and Buron。Moving speed of Casa and Buron,Also get a large amount of addition。