Mai Fan who thinks of this continues to talk:“The level of the two of us is not much different at all。”
“It’s probably a study of martial arts secrets one after another,Within the set time,I learn a book,Why can I learn three books?。”
This is annoying,It made Xuanyuan Batian’s followers a little bit unconscious on their faces。
A man with a fleshy face shook his head behind Xuanyuan Batian,Refute Mai Fan to:“Sometimes what do you mean by age?”
“Strength is the most important thing in the game, right?”
“Distance first playerpkThere is still half a year to compete,Our hall master’s recent martial arts progress is getting faster and faster,Now everyone seems to be not far apart,But when Hall Master Xuanyuan broke through the tenth level,At that time,You two are not on the same level at all!”
Dahan’s remarks are not polite,But Xuanyuan Batian seems to love to hear this,He did not honestly stop,It’s just that the other party’s words are stopped fakely,Then smiled hypocritically at Mai Fan:“Brother under my hand,Are all good friends who were born and died together,He speaks straight,Little Junior Brother, don’t be angry。”
Mai Fan seems to have a good temper,Don’t seem to mind,Speaking to Xuanyuan Batian:“Brother who won’t,I won’t be angry。”
“I’m taking the route of the Buddha and the monk,Pay attention to self-cultivation,I can’t be angry with waiting。”
“But I heard that the senior is so good,Then I have to ask my senior about something。”
“I don’t know if the senior has any cards suitable for monks?”
“I just sold a sneaky card,Have some money on hand,I heard from the people just now,Senior is a money helper?”
“I heard that the Money Gang is the most profitable person in the arena,Baby transactions are countless,I don’t know if there are any character cards common to our players in this transaction.。”