But now they can only stay here,If you dare to go out now,I’m afraid I will be beaten to death by the surrounding crowd,They dare not take this risk。
And all this,Nature does not happen by accident,Hirota Masami will choose this time to come to the bathroom,It’s all because Tang Ze investigated the playing time of today’s cinema in advance。
Time for Hirota Masami to go to the bathroom,Just before the end of this movie!
“Are you ready?”
the other side,Conan has heard the conversation coming from outside,Looking at each other with solemn expression:“Time said,We should go。”
Hirota Masami took a deep breath,Calmed the nervous heartbeat,With firm eyes:“Ready。”
Conan pushed open the door,Hirota Masami takes the lead,Conan uses the opponent’s body to block,Will be posted outside the door“Under repair”Tear off the paper and put it in the handbag。
And saw someone walk out,Soon someone came over and entered,Conan closed his eyes shyly and didn’t dare to look around,And when Hirota Masami on the side saw someone starting to walk out,Also took Conan’s hand and walked out。
After going out,In the outside washroom,Hirota Masami frowned when she saw the two people who followed her,Looks like waiting for someone,Keeping eyes on the exit of the bathroom。
The appearance of Masami Hirota quickly attracted the attention of the two,But soon I saw this woman holding the child in her hands。
“Wash your hands frequently in the future,Brought you to the movies,You have to remember what you promised me。”
White high collar,The butterfly voice changer turns Hirota Masami’s voice into a gentle female voice,This conversation from an ordinary person fell into the ears of the surveillance two,The disguise weakened their suspicions。
“Yep,I know!”Conan replied with milky milk,Then they washed their hands by the sink,Then I walked away leisurely。
Face two people,Not only is Conan dressed as a cute loli in a disguise,The voice changer on the neck is a disguise,Even seemingly small conversations,All a disguise。
And as expected,I saw that it was my mother,The two people sent by the black organization to monitor have no doubt at all。
People swarmed before,Both men and women,It’s impossible for them to get in the way,I was squeezed to the back,I can’t remember how many people got in。
If you change to gin, you can supervise yourself,Just these two younger brothers than vodka,In addition to tracking skills,I want them to have such a powerful instant memory,That’s really embarrassing, isn’t it。