“Tell me you have been in the countryside for ten years,Have you touched the textbook??When you go to the countryside,Just graduated from junior high school?”
“You’ve been wasted for ten years,This year is almost 24 years old,At this time you told us that you are going to college?”
“Second child,How to be a human,Be steadfast。”
Mai Fan didn’t speak,Just staring at his mother coming out of the kitchen,After seeing the steaming three-in-one steamed bun,Only a little joy appeared on his face。
He is really welcome,I took the biggest steamed bun in the 笸箩,Holding it in your hand is just a mouthful,Then he asked his dad vaguely:“That dad,You said what I can do if I don’t take the exam?”
“Be a vagrant?Eat home?Use home?Then my elder brother can do?My sister-in-law can’t scold her every day?”
“Or,My elder brother can give me his job,Let me work for him?”
Mentioned by Mai Fan,But I freaked out Mai Qiang,Why did he answer:“Second child,Don’t make trouble!Can you take this class if you want??”
“I am now the team leader of the production workshop。You don’t understand anything,How can I let you take over。”
“So say。”Mai Fan gnawed another bite of steamed buns:“You can’t find me a job。”
“What if I plan it for myself?”
“and,It’s just over a month before the college entrance examination deadline,I just returned home,Even if you want me to make a living on my own, give me some time to buffer it?”
“What do you want to arrange for me,Come over and tell me at that time!”