Just before leaving,Mr. Gu made a request。
He is going to meet the two former Red Party intelligence officers who are equivalent to surrendering to the enemy。
For those who have lost the use value,Guan Zijian has nothing to do with this。
In fact, since the intelligence source in Keijo City was also broken,He doesn’t want to care about these two people anymore。
Mai Fan asked him how Du Ruosong and Lan Mengyao would settle。
Guan Zijian’s answer is very simple:“Go to jail,When was the Red Party eliminated,Their sentence will expire。”
After saying this,Guan Zijian no longer cares about these two people。
Threw these two troubles directly into Mai Fan’s hands。
And now,Mai Fan,Leading his teacher,Went to meet these two‘traitor’。
Probably know,The enemy can no longer get more information from himself,Du Ruosong and Lan Mengyao at this time,Showed two completely different states。
Even if he is still in prison,Lan Mengyao has a happy life every day,I never find it difficult to be locked up。
Because she learned from the people who interrogated them,Leaked information,Didn’t have any effect,The enemies rushed out again。
The opposite is Du Ruosong,His dream of guilt and meritorious service was broken。