Xue Jue said,About two or three years,That’s the year before he was going to be admitted,Xue Jue will sort out his property,Completely went to the capital to develop。
He gave Mai Fan only one request,Don’t be tempted by other girls in these three years。
It’s okay to go to the brothel to drink flower wine,The girl who is waiting around can also open a face。
But closing the house,Outside room,This kind of thing,He didn’t even think about it。
Mai Fan thought,He waited until he went to the imperial examination18year old,Who would marry a daughter-in-law two or three years younger than him when he was eighteen。
He is not Lolicon!
He hasn’t been such a beast yet。
It’s just why my father had such a sudden suggestion……It’s really strange。
Actually Mai Fan doesn’t know,This is because Lin Ruhai wrote to Xue Jue,Expressed his regrets in a very long space。
He regrets how the age difference between Xue Pan and Lin Daiyu could be so great。
This kind of precession is even two years younger,It will be a match made in heaven,Or two years older,He doesn’t think about it anymore。
Lin Ruhai also lamented that he couldn’t find a close person to inherit his knowledge,I regret that I don’t know who my contacts in official circles will be contacted.,I regret that even if I reach a high position, it’s boring……
After all, there is nothing to worry about,The only thing left is a cheap son-in-law who is still young and doesn’t know where he is.。
See Xue Jue here,I thought about it。
He didn’t know what Lin Ruhai fancyed his son this time.,But he knows,Lin Ruhai intends to be his in-laws。