“It’s just that my father has something else,Want to ask for your opinion,Daiyu, you feel lonely,Can I envy the fun of my brothers and sisters?”
Lin Ruhai asked about this,Lin Daiyu thinks of her sadness and loneliness these days,I just clicked on my head。
But after this point is over,But it seems a bit sad,I can’t tell if it’s coming。
Lin Ruhai who saw here sighed,Only one sentence:“I understand。”Then I turned the topic to Mai Fan。
“I have an old friend,Also the child of your mother’s friend before leaving the cabinet,Recently came to our mansion。”
“For the father to see that the child is a smart and pure child,Want to accept him as a disciple,Then he is also your brother in name,If there is something,You found him,He can also be the master for you。”
“This kid has the intention of studying,Father thought about pushing the boat along the river,Recommend him to study in the Imperial College。”
“For the father,Your brother has to go to the capital with you。”
“Although they don’t have the background of rich and powerful,But also backed by the royal family,A wealthy family。”
“If my daughter has something to entrust in Beijing,Just find your brother,He can do it for you。”
“This is the foreign aid that my father found for you,You go to grandma’s house this time,Just bring all the servants you are used to in your yard。”
“The cook of your habit of eating at home,The maid who grew up with you in the room,I’ll give you another ten or twenty rough servants for your father,Although these individuals go to the capital to eat and wear, it costs a bit,But it can make my father feel at ease。”
“As for going to your grandma’s house,You should eat and wear,Everything you bring with you,My father paid it all。”
“I heard that the person who controls your maternal grandfather Jia’s home is your second aunt,I naturally let the accompanying butler,Take care of these things。”
“Daughter rest assured,If it’s not going well at grandma’s house,Although write to father,Go with your grandmother!”