Conan’s intermittent words made Tang Ze wake up from his contemplation,The panicked expression and the hands waving unconsciously in the air,All show how panic Conan is at this moment。
Heard what Tang Ze said,Conan straightened up immediately。
“You can’t do this。”
Tang Zeyi“People coming”Expression education:“Since the first time I saw you,I think your kid is very smart。
Such a small insight but very keen,And can have such careful reasoning,And actually found the prisoner。”
“what…That’s all…”
Conan’s always calm mind is already gone.,His brain started to work like crazy,Want to find an excuse,But I couldn’t think of an excuse to fool Tang Ze。
“Needless to say!”
Tang Ze’s serious expression made Conan’s heart sink。
“Is it exposed?”
Conan’s mind couldn’t help but flash this thought,But I heard Tang Ze’s words in my ears。
“You kid,Is a genius!”Tang Ze sullen,Look at Conan with a serious expression,“Excellent in reasoning,Thinking is also very mature,The same as when I was a kid。”