Shangou is preparing to come over to communicate some details of the contract,I saw a dense crowd of people standing in front of the design department。
And he,I just heard this sentence。
This woman really doesn’t give up。
but,President Xi already knew that the design draft that Leng Zhi handed over was drawn by Su Yunxi,How to deal with this matter to the end,Still unknown。
Su Yunxi heard what Zhao Qianqian said,But I understand that this woman has planned everything。
If I refute this time,,It’s a bit bullying,If you don’t say anything at this time,Then it’s a default。
I am already very unsatisfied to be the wife of the president,Now there is one more name for “Hongxing”,The situation in the company will be even more difficult in the future。
Su Yunxi’s brain moves fast,There is only one way to solve the problem for myself。
When I was about to hold the draft,Alle
But came out at this time。
“You have nothing to do if you are full,Do you think Lao Tzu’s temper has improved??”
The previous record of Zhou Mingyang was to scold a few people who came up to find faults,Zhao Qianqian didn’t even have the qualifications to carry shoes in front of him。
Zhao Qianqian sawAlle
I’ll come out to take care of this now,I thought it was weird,But thinking about this is Su Yunxi’s fault after all。