Anxious He Wenjuan:“Hey hey,Don’t go!Listen to me…….”
I still have many pains I want to talk to,But no one wants to listen。
I just,I just want to find someone who can talk to listen to my nagging。
How can Mai Fan have time to talk to each other?His wife is still waiting for his flowers!
Mai Fan is such an old age,That leg is still like a rabbit。
He ran back into the ward of Milier,Watching his wife smile at him as bright as ever。
“I heard the sound downstairs,You see people?”
Mai Fan was taken aback,He put this sweet and trembling spring flower off the rice grain and asked in his ear:“You knew He Wenjuan worked as a temporary worker here?”
Rice nodded:“You won’t blame me?So many years have passed,Although this person you never showed anything special to her,But after we confirmed our relationship,She ran to me and said a lot of sour things。”
Hearing this, Mai Fan immediately understood what was going on,He smiled dozingly:“You can really hold back,Why didn’t you tell me,Even if you ask me one sentence?”
Mi Lier is a little proud at this time,She winked at Mai Fan:“because I know,A woman who is confident enough in herself,You don’t need to file a complaint with a man to resolve your rivals。”
“No matter how high He Wenjuan jumps,I just think she is ridiculous。”
“Moreover,If i told you,Let you go ahead for me,Wouldn’t it give her another chance to meet you alone??”
“Am i stupid?I’m not stupid。”
Speaking of the rice grains, I’m tired,She felt her strength slowly dissipating……
come yet?