This mansion was originally the private property of a high-ranking official of the Wang puppet government,Victory in the new government,After taking over the real power of the overseas listed government……
The private property of these problematic officials,Was snatched into his own hands by the intelligence department。
The director of the logistics department heard that the person who bought the house was Mai Fan’s father,It’s actually nothing,I actually planned to use this house as a gift,To Mai Fan’s father, Mai Wencai。
Thanks to Mai Wen’s hard work, I stopped this。
Mai Wencai at the government auction price,Purchase at original price,He doesn’t want others to say his son……Is a corrupt official who uses power for personal gain。
In order to show the financial strength of the Mai family,Mai Wencai also bought many flashy luxury items on the collection list。
To let others know,Mai family thief is rich。Their incoming chief of the intelligence department,Nothing can be greedy for money。
right now,Mai Fan returned to his new home,There is only the word wow in my heart。
“Afu Butler!Haha,Or those familiar!”
“now it’s right!”Mai Fan walks into the lobby,Take off the fedora hat,I slumped into the huge leather sofa in the living room。
“This is the house my Mai family should have,Just our family’s financial resources,In the past, those who were suffocated and aggrieved lived there were only layers,Small building without rooms,I’m really wronged by my capable parents。”