Mai Fan doesn’t really like that woman。
You said earlier!!
“Actually Mai Fan!!”
Watching Mai Fan park the motorcycle,I took off my helmet and I’m going to the yard,He Wenjuan is a little worried。
She wants to kick one last time:“Actually my character……”
Can change with the change of identity!
If you are willing to develop a relationship with me beyond friendship,To protect my personal property rights,I am also willing to fight your family for 300 rounds!!!
It’s just that He Wenjuan’s heartfelt words have not had time to say,Was interrupted by Qin Mo who came out of the courtyard。
Qin Mo is not a stupid man,He is even quite smart in some ways。
He and He Wenjuan have gone to this level,It can be said that it is time and fate,Is caused by many factors。
He admitted,He hasn’t treated He Wenjuan to the degree that you have to。
But for a man,When we are about to get married,Be thrown off,Or was prying a corner by an outsider,He would never let such a thing happen。
and so,He knows exactly where He Wenjuan went today。
Qin Mo is sitting in the courtyard,After hearing the sound of the motorcycle,Walked out of the courtyard。
He passed by Mai Fan,Didn’t say a word。
Because from the beginning,He felt it,This man’s carelessness towards He Wenjuan。
and so,What he wants to solve is the woman in front of him。