This Jia’s grandmother cried and hit the ground angrily:“go with,Send someone to find that monk,Let people ask,How could our Baoyu look like this?!”
Then where did the monk they expected to go now??
It’s a different situation that disappeared after solving the trouble.。
I learned about Jia’s situation in Mai Fan,And after Aunt Xue accidentally ran into these two liars,Xue Jue sent someone to wait at the back door of Jia’s house。
After this monk solved Jia Baoyu’s problem and came out of Jia’s house,Put a set of sack on the other party without defense,Don’t talk nonsense,He tied the people away。
As for where this place is tied,Where did it go again,Naturally Xue Jue did not dare to abuse lynching。
He had notified Lin Ruhai long ago,The future relatives sent the two suspicious people to Dali Temple。
This matter can be handled as a fraud case among high-ranking households,But the officials of Dali Temple asked,I was a little surprised when they asked。
This monk’s wandering range is too wide, right?,Not only are there no normal directions,There is no evidence of identity in the body。
So how did they get from Jinling to Yangzhou,Came to the capital from Yangzhou again?
When things get to the point of suspicion,This must be reported to the top。
A monk who has been imprisoned for many days has never thought of using some magical powers to escape,But when their identities caught the attention of the government,Don’t know why,They actually lost their magical powers,I can only wait for the officials to severely torture them again and again。
Don’t be too weird,This kind of hands and feet,It really wasn’t made by Mai Fan。
But according to Mai Fan’s speculation,There are certain conditions for these two people to act。
Maybe the support point of this world noticed them,It’s their death date。