“Can’t choose no,Can only be passively pulled into each game。”
“And these circular worlds,It’s a dangerous world with a frightening atmosphere。”
“Do you still have companions in this world,Officer Feng won’t be a senior experiencer, right??”
What Mai Fan said was too sure,Feng Xiaoju was shocked to hear:“You also said that you are not a tester of infinite horror?”
“Why are you so clean?!”
Who can this be?Since his grandpa disappeared,Mai Fan is afraid of not knowing enough about the world he is going to,He found a lot of books on the red spot。
There are always some worlds that are similar。
Like this kind of horror classification,It’s not all the routine he said?
So Mai Fan shook his head decisively:“I really am not。”
“You shuttle to this train,Are there any requirements regarding this mission?。and also,Is there any introduction about this train?”
“If there is,For the sake of your colleague,Just tell me briefly。”
“I can only say,same here,Are the unlucky ones who were chosen。”
“If my guess is correct,In this world,I might be worse than you。”
Seeing Mai Fan doesn’t seem to be a joke,Feng Xiaoju also put away the last remaining smile on his face。
He looks around,Found that all the taskers who appeared with him in the third car have already started their tasks。
He put his hand into the sleeve of the robe,Next second,Just pulled out a screen out of thin air。
This is the release instructions for the endless horror mission。