‘Ha ha……Ha ha……’
Do not worry,Do not worry。
She only needs to be a flight attendant,Always get a piece of the pie。
but,For people who are not so good……She suddenly turned her head in the direction of the big man:“This passenger,Is this your seat!!”
The big man who has reduced his efforts,In this terrible‘Flight attendant’Under the inquiry,Roll your eyes,Kick,Fainted unexpectedly。
It’s a pity that his behavior didn’t wait for this one‘Flight attendant’Lianxiangxiyu。
She looked upLEDTime on……
Under the gaze of Mai Fan,With a sharp high-decibel sound,Howling in the direction of the previous car:“Guard!Someone out of seat here!”
“The train is coming to a stop!”
And just after the voice of the flight attendant fell,A dark shadow,Appeared in front of the auto-sensing car door。
It’s just that you can keenly detect the passenger’s door within one meter,At this moment, it is quietly closed,I don’t know anything about the arrival of the policeman。
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventeen tunnel
I probably didn’t wait for the car door to open automatically for him。
The dark shadow sighed,Reach out,Split the glass door from the middle。
This time,Mai Fan also looked very carefully。