His grandfather’s early failure,Because of improper fusion with this body。
After Mai Fan came into this world,Received the entire memory of this villain,But it’s about physical coordination。
He used to live as an ordinary person without any problems at all。
But the ability of dance and vocal music that was originally lit by the villain……
Really almost mean。
and so,Want to solve this problem,I’m going to the tavern for help。
Like now,Throw food into this world,It’s really useless。
Mai Fan watched as food crops like rice croissants were ejected from the cauldron in the tavern。
He tried to throw in a piece of pork。
“eight pm,It’s a good time to kill pigs,Selected free-range mountain wild pork,Just came out of the slaughterhouse,Was specially offered to the tavern……By a peerless handsome……”
The unbearable tavern:……
‘Snapped’A bit,Burst a bubble in the raw meat。
Followed by,This mass of meat has changed surprisingly again。