“I don’t know what the name of this brother is,Can I recommend to the monk??”
The monk is a little embarrassed,He seems to have thought of something,There are some dark birds in the eyes,Speaking to Mai Fan with a little boredom:“Like a poor monk,Can not be the referrer of the little monk from Chang’an。”
“Since you are here to study Dharma,Just follow me into the mountain,Wait for the gatekeeper’s notification。”
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Six Fire foreman
Finished,Just loose the other arm,Loosen the clamped shocking horse’s neck。
The horse suddenly startled,It’s the time when the power is strongest,But the red-skinned monk only used his arm to clamp,When loosening,That horse is already dizzy。
What kind of arm strength is this,Can do this。
Seeing Mai Fan’s eyelids twitched,Hurriedly looked over the head of the monk。
‘Fire foreman’Law number(no)grade:???
Even if the grade difference is big,Still an extremely dangerous red name。
Thanks to him, there are a few words after him(Raiders card),This made Mai Fan’s heart a little lower。
This seems to be a guideline,It’s just that the personality of the fire worker is a bit difficult to deal with。
He look again,I only have two card slots,Be careful when selecting cards。
Thinking of this, Mai Fan showed an expression of both admiration and surprise to the fire worker.:“what,Someone like brother,Do you have to be eligible for Shaolin recommendation??”
“I looked at the brother, he must be a real hermit monk who doesn’t like to show up。”