“I heard from the doctor,I can be discharged today?”A lot of things have been delayed these days,If I can be discharged,It’s really a good thing for myself。
Lu Yan nodded:“I went to the Public Security Bureau to ask,That person should be dealt with soon,The reason given over there is mental illness,Our hospital will do a professional monitoring,From the video,That person has full autonomy,ten years,Should be set。”
Su Yunxi said:“I was thinking about living some ordinary lives,Unexpectedly。”
Lu Yan didn’t know how to comfort Su Yunxi,Because in his heart Su Yunxi has always been the strongest existence。
“All right,I still have one very important thing to do,I’ll go first。”
Mother Wang is still waiting outside,Su Yunxi doesn’t have much,I went back by myself,I didn’t expect people to come here early in the morning,Su Yunxi can’t let them go。
Lu Yan nodded:“Wait for you to spend this time busy,I’ll find you for dinner。”
Su Yunxi walked out slowly:“Chen Chen hasn’t seen me for a few days,I don’t know how the little guy will react when he sees me later。”
Madam Wang knows that the young lady remembers the young master,Smile and nod。
Just going home,Chen Chen is playing on the carpet,Several servants are guarding。
“Mrs. Young is back。”Most of the people in the house were selected by Xi Yuanjun,So there is not so much gossip in the company。
“dad,I have worked hard for you these days。”Su Yunxi looked at the person on the sofa and said。
Xi Yuanjun watched people come back,Know that she is recovering well,Then naturally it’s time to leave。
“Recently,I know you really love Chen Chen,Just come back。”
He never asks anything about children,Only when I saw Su Yunxi,I feel like a kind-hearted child。
but,He also has selfishness in it,If things can be investigated clearly, it is naturally the best,Su Yunxi’s suspicion will naturally get rid of,If you can’t investigate clearly,Staying at Xi’s is naturally the best。