Mai Fan didn’t rush out,He heard the whispers of these people at the door,His eyes flickered twice,After that, I walked in front of the two-part relationship,Asked her:“Mi Po。”
“how?Listen to you,My pub is not bad?”
Granny Mi’s orange face twitched,Said in a weird envious tone:“More than good,It’s so good!”
“You things,You don’t know yet?In this market,Ordinary materials cannot stand。”
“Why do you think we can occupy a shop here?”
“Not something we carry,Got this land up?”
“But they can take down this land,Let us special operators trade here,Is the best they can do。”
“As for providing us with a better business environment……Estimated to be impossible。”
“So we shopkeepers,Outside shed,The equipment inside,Goods produced,It’s all accumulated bit by bit through later efforts。”
“Don’t look at this market,Tattered is like a temporary trading market on a construction site。”
“If you know what our shop was built with,Your face will never look like this now。”
Speaking of which,Mai Fan is also puzzled。