When their trainees have external activities,All communication equipment is kept by the broker。
As captain,It is also the subject of daily small reports to the agent,He has privileges。
Fu Cheng has a mobile phone in his hand that is responsible for making small reports to the agent。
Mai Fan reached out to Fu Cheng:“team leader,I need to call my family。”
“At least,In this great country,I need someone to meet me。”
Captain Fu is dubious:“What is your follow-up plan?Don’t just say it nicely,To the end,After being arrested, I have to let everyone follow you and be punished。”
Mai Fan stroked his hair,Very confident:“Leave it alone,The less you know,Less punishment after exposure。”
“You say so now……When it’s my turn to enter the operating table,I don’t know why I got a gasp,Rushed over and grabbed your phone,Rushed out of the hospital crazy。”
“As for why I went,What did you do later?Of course you won’t know。”
“and so,Captain Fu,Can you give me the phone now?”
Finished,Mai Fan spreads his hands,Waiting for Fu Cheng’s response。
at this time,Captain Fu who usually does special things,Snap,Took out the phone,Directly in Mai Fan’s hands。
“Take the phone and go!The farther you go, the better!”