Mai Fan didn’t complain,Because he found,My sixth sense actually started to work at this time。
“and many more,wrong,It might be here。”
“You camouflage your car on the side of the road,Come with me。”
There was a voice in Mai Fan’s ear:‘Yes,It’s here。Come,follow me。’
Since it is the unlocked new sense of the diary notification,Then it must be a viable existence。
Mai Fan really followed his instinct,Flashlight,Begin to walk towards the warehouse where the gravel and small construction tools are stored on the site。
It is said that the warehouse is actually a simple shed。
Behind that warehouse,Surrounded by a thin hollow partition to isolate the scope of the construction site。
This partition is like a wall,In fact, it was built casually with very simple materials。
Wait till the construction is finished,Not a long time,These walls will be demolished on the spot,Together with the construction waste left on the construction site,Was transported to a garbage disposal site in the suburbs。
but now,Only relying on this wall,I cut off the sight of prying at the construction site。
But this wall isolates passers-by from prying into the construction site,It also makes the back of the wall become a blind spot for people passing by here。
“Should be behind the wall,I have a hunch,There may be the place we are looking for。”
The three looked at each other,No one goes around a one-kilometer circle to see the situation behind the wall。
They all turned to the palms‘spit’A bite,Whoosh,Three people,On the wall。
“Whoops,Officer Jing is good at it!”
Is this nonsense??High-achieving students who graduated from regular police colleges,Even if it’s a mental power mutation ability,She is also a people’s police officer first。
As for Feng Xiaoju,Mai Fan should worry about himself。
The three of them are like three cats,Quietly put his head out of the wall。