A black sunglasses is buckled on the high bridge of the nose,And broke through the sky。
As soon as this person walks,Still whirring with wind。
A few little girls walking nearby,Be afraid of his aura,I can’t help but always peeping at others。
Cool tyrant handsome,The energy is not enough。
Just this combination,Can be a family?
Don’t you say,Genetics is so mysterious。
Daughter like dad,Boy like mom,It was reflected to the extreme in the old wheat house。
No matter what, the family finally got together,Father Mai Mai Zhiqiang is an excitement。
He really didn’t expect,The son who had been missing for several months suddenly came out and said nothing,And followed his sister home obediently。
Now this situation,Don’t say let Mai Zhiqiang come to pick you up。
Is to allow him to agree to his eldest son’s career in acting,He can also nod immediately。
then,The eldest son who is so rare,After arriving home,,So I said my plan。
“dad!I don’t inherit the family business!”
“I want to be a star!”
Look at,Look at this bear kid!
“You want to piss me off!Why don’t you have a long memory??You were almost taken to a plastic surgery by that leather bag company。”
“My old wheat house,My old Mai’s family had a face like you,If such a face is disfigured,How can our family live!”