“do not worry,Such a big place,I can still run?”
After speaking, Mai Fan turned sideways,Go in,Click,Locked himself in the toilet。
The voice of the girl outside came in vaguely。
“What’s up,My Xiao Fan is what he says,Spit a nail。”
“I’m not scaring you,Don’t ask me if you are looking for something,He can hit ten you with one punch。”
McFannai shook his head,Draw out the diary and start to receive memories about this world。
Strange,Never happened before。
The villain of this world has a vague memory。
He can only look it up from his grandfather’s memory。
really,There is a big unknown danger in this world。
The high-speed train he took,Is an endless train。
His name is Mai Fan and the girl next to him is Peng Xiaotian。
They are a couple who have just been together for a few days。
He is taking the girl to a holiday club in the suburbs by high-speed train。
It was only a short journey。