A surprised expression appeared on the face of the teacher who was stared at by everyone:“Yes Yes Yes,Mai Xiang, right?,She is a student in our sixth class。”
“So you are her brother,I didn’t expect it,Mai Xiang’s brother studies so well!”
“Hehehe,Welcome student Mai Fan to come to my sixth class!The director can rest assured that I will urge student Mai Fan to study。”
Is this a question of urging or not??
It’s the problem that your sixth class is simply behind the class, right?!
The highest ranked person in the class,Not ranked in the top 50。
The admission rate of the university entrance examination is scary。
Let a good seedling like Mai Fan go to Class 6,Isn’t this delaying people??
Thinking of this, the old director pulled Mai Fan aside,Tell him about the situation in school。
Unexpectedly, Mai Fan smiled:“Okay teacher,Just a month and a half,Even if it is dragged down, what can it be like??”
“Besides, I also have shortcomings,I forgot a lot of the knowledge I recited,These subjects start from scratch。”
“So teacher,Let me go to a relatively comfortable environment,I can learn more efficiently。”
That’s it,Under Mai Fan’s insistence,The thin and small class 6 teacher with eyes triumphantly led Mai Fan into the class。
Let’s talk about Class 6 of the 28th Middle School,That’s really a self-herding class。