“No no no,You are not dead,Not dreaming,I’m……how to say,Think of it as a god。It took me a lot of experience to connect with people in your world,It’s not easy to be able to pull into the plane dimension。”
“The god of the rabbit??I confess,I did eat a lot of roasted rabbit legs,Also ate rabbit head,But I don’t blame me,It’s really fragrant。”
“Don’t make trouble。”
“No trouble,I really regret,Please forgive my crime。”
“You repent and repent,Don’t look at me!I’m not that kind of lower mammal!”The rabbit god is furious,Slap her face,It doesn’t hurt,It is the scenery on both sides passing by in an instant。
wrong,Should be advancing fast,Earth,Solar system,Galaxy,universe。
When the universe becomes a small point,Like a core,There are many small dots rotating around it,Smaller it seems to be a cell,A life,A planet,A galaxy。
After a few cycles, Spark returned to the original point,Facing the rabbit god。
Hair because of the huge acceleration,Has been slanted to one side,Just like the Hualun students in Xiaowanzi。
“Big brother,I’m wrong!Stop playing with me!What are you doing?。”Spark is out of breath,Obviously the scenery on this road has too much impact on her。
“Is such that,My project team,There is a Tier 3 god that can’t,She violatedOAProcess,I went to your world,It’s not the place for high-latitude gods like us,It is estimated that the godhead has been collapsed,I can’t get in touch at all。”
Spark remembered what Roche and the others said about the brave and the goddess.。This third-tier god should be the goddess they said。
“What do you want me to do?Help you find her?”
“Long story short,It is estimated that she has no way to restore her original form with her own divine power.。No original form,There is no magic。Stuck in an endless loop,I need you……”
A dagger appeared in the air,White a bit rough,It’s like grinding out of some animal teeth。