Mai Fan thought,Is this story here?,Sister Lin’s classic chapter when she entered Jia Mansion,Just let it pass?
Can not do it,I have to change something。
So Mai Fan nodded and agreed,I seem to be happy。
“It turned out to be the Jia Guogong Mansion in the capital,This is indeed good。”
“The relationship between our families is really close。”
“My aunt is the mistress of Jia’s second room,If Sister Lin goes to Beijing,,You should call your aunt your second aunt, right?。”
“Just Uncle Lin,I learned from the letters my aunt sent to my mother in the past,The days of the Jia family are not as glamorous as they seem。”
“If Sister Lin must send it there,Uncle Wanwang must take the daily luggage that Sister Lin uses,Small ones,Books that I love to read on weekdays,And bring the most useful people around。”
“Although the ancestor of the Jia family is still there,I must not wrong my sister。”
“I’m afraid of my aunt who is in charge,I’ll worry about my sister’s expenses。”
Finished,Mai Fan blinked very purely,It seems that I am worried about the economic crisis of Jia’s family。
Lin Ruhai heard what Mai Fan said,Didn’t think deeply。
He just thinks the young man admires him very much,Things you worry about will inevitably be said all over。
so,This Jia family is really short of money?
I thought that since my grandmother asked Daiyu to go there,Everything must be prepared over there. The idea must be undesirable.。
This is a simple cleanup,Only bring a few people who will not cause trouble,May have to do something else。
Just this lack of money,What point is missing……