“You are back?Look at my memory,I just received your letter two days ago,Thought it was early,Not in a hurry,I forgot to say something to our parents。”
“His second brother,You don’t care about this with sister-in-law, do you?”
Mai Fan smiled,I ignored his sister-in-law,But kept staring at Mai Fan’s mother,Asked:“mom,I am back,Is there a place for luggage at home??”
“In recent days,I’m afraid I will stay at home。”
“This……This……”Mai Fan’s mother has a troubled expression,She secretly glanced at the daughter-in-law next to her from the corner of her eye,Like a lot of determination,Speaking to Mai Fan:“Have,There are still places,Erfan,you,You come with me。”
Finished,Pulling Mai Fan’s bag, people were led to the east wing where they lived。
Mai Fan’s home is not big,Count the outside foyer,There are only three rooms in total。
But these three rooms are shared by six people,Now Mai Fan suddenly comes back,The family became seven people。
He followed Mama Mai into the house,My brows frowned immediately。
“Mai Fan,You see you come back suddenly,Now make do in the hall?”
Mai Fan stared at the camp bed under his feet,It was placed behind the door early,There are some debris on it。
This called back suddenly?
I’m afraid this is a plan,The whole family has discussed it,Where is he going to live??
He is the villain,He can be so frustrated?
Mai Fan smiled,The kind of smile that is especially considerate of family。
He said to his mother without putting down his backpack:“mom,You see there is still a place for our family?”
“I thought about it before I came back,I won’t cause trouble to my family after I come back。”
“I have a place to live,Just let us be in Beijing,Many people go to the countryside with me。”
“These days I will go to live in my hometown,Wait till when i get a job,I’ll go home and report my safety。”