“But if it really involves top mental martial arts,This still needs our presiding abbot to make a decision。”
This is reasonable,Nodded without success,Agreed to Master’s suggestion。
Anyway, his promise to Fan has been fulfilled,Afterwards, Liaofan can smoothly rise to the wordless generation,Practice martial arts above the middle and high level,Is the only one among the monks in the outer temple,With great luck。
But they don’t know,Mai Fan has left for himself。
He chose the Great Compassionate Thousand Hands Pose as the direction of his practice,Then he put the acquisition of advanced martial arts that may be interrupted to the sweeping monk.。
Because of him this time,Except martial arts,Just go to the fire worker to ask for a bowl of tofu。
Finished tofu,Taking advantage of the sky,Take a broom and bucket to clean in the Buddhist scriptures pavilion of Shaolin Temple。
He is in the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion,But I met a lot of interesting things and interesting people。
According to Mai Fan’s level,He can’t even feel those masters coming and going in this sieve-like Buddhist scripture pavilion.。
But with the bonus of the game system,A bunch of people staring at red names,Like fireflies in the night,Mai Fan who cleans up,It’s hard not to pay attention。
Every time he enters the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion, he has to set his expression,Pretending to be a simple and pure little monk,For……Just to make the sweeping monk at the door work less。
Probably because Mai Fan was too diligent,This overly good person,Even if it’s a big demon,Will have some joy。
Just like now,After Mai Fan studied for a month in Class C,,He found that his master was suppressing his progress intentionally or unintentionally。
He obviously has practiced the Great Compassionate Thousand Hands Pose to the point of little achievement,But the master of martial arts just pressed him,Did not give him diligence guidance。
Thought of here,Mai Fan stood at the door and sighed。
The sweeping monk always mingled with Mai Fan for these two or three months,I am also very fond of this smiling little monk。
The sweeping monk who didn’t talk much at first asked:“Where,I don’t see you sighing often,What’s the trouble?But I miss the brothers of the original temple?”
Mai Fan answered very honestly:“The big match is coming soon,But the scattered palms below,Why doesn’t my master teach me?”