“You have become a glorious and courageous reporter at the front line of the rule of law。”
After hearing this, Brother Hu was anxious。
Chapter Two Hundred and Four Back to the unit was transferred
“Aren’t you pitting Maifan??He has only been a reporter for a few days?”
“Have you asked other people’s opinions??Do you know his original intention of being a reporter??”
“When did our unit make arrangements for others without asking for personal opinions??”
“Oh,I feel that Mai Fan’s thoughtful and logical reasoning ability is strong,Just transfer him to the front line of the legal system。”
“If he has anti-reconnaissance awareness and agility,Are you going to transfer him to。Where are the war reporters??”
“And don’t you investigate why he chose an entertainment reporter in the first place??”
“Not everyone is willing to work hard for Saburo like you。”
Listen to these few words and you will know there is a story。
The female supervisor on the opposite side has flushed,The two people looked at each other angrily like this。
Just when the atmosphere is about to explode,Mai Fan suddenly stood up。
“Brother Hu, stop talking,I would go。”
“It’s not Mai Fan, don’t be afraid of him,She is just a bit higher than us,To talk about years of contact,There is nothing wrong with my brother Hu in this unit。”
Mai Fan smiled:“No brother, I really want to go。”