This combination makes Mai Fan a little strange,He walked across from his mother,Leaning back on the sofa,I spoke to Hua Yingying first:“I’m not saying that I will send someone to pick you up later,Shall we see you at the entrance of the dinner?”
“Why did you come directly?”
“and also”Mai Fan said to the three people on the left:“The three of you come here this time,But what matters?”
The two groups of people haven’t spoken yet,Mai Fan’s mother answered first:“I sent someone to take Miss Hua Yingying,As for your three classmates….We met at the door。
It looks like they are looking for you in a hurry,I will take Hua Yingying upstairs,Let you talk quietly with your classmates。”
Finished,Chu Shaoxue stood up,She smiled and looked at Hua Yingying……
This little girl who was still very imposing just now……In the eyes of Mai Fan’s mother,Like a dead air ball,Suddenly softened。
Hua Yingying is like a good little wife,Under Chu Shaoxue’s eyes,……Carefully picking up his Xiaokun bag,Follow Chu Shaoxue,Go in the direction of the meeting room on the second floor,Place the hall,To Mai Fan and his classmates。
People are gone,Time to talk。
“what happened?Why are you here?Plans have changed?Temporarily cancelled?”
These people just left,Mai Fan leaned in,The tone is called an urgent,Lest others don’t know……On the eve of mission implementation,He is a little flustered。
This performance of Mai Fan,To Du Ruosong and Lan Mengyao very satisfied。
They looked at each other,Quickly appease Mai Fan’s emotions:“No,The plan has not changed,We just come early,Meet you once,By the way。”