“This means that,You don’t even know everything,Don’t understand,It’s his mother alone,But why these are meaningless。We are nothing more than doing what we like to do,Live a life you can live,I didn’t stand in the way of anyone。Did you use me as a gun??”
First178chapter Come back home
Xiao Yushan actually,For him,Now all this is a little weird,His most trusted aunt lied to her,The person she trusts and loves most,I didn’t love her at all,She seems to be a joke from beginning to end。
“Just want to understand this。”Su Yunxi was ready to return to his position after speaking。
It’s not over yet,A lean camel is bigger than a horse,Even though the design of this lady is completely ruined by his butler,Never happen again,The design that came out overnight is good,The most perfunctory can be much better than those people designed。
Teachers are always different from others,Yes indeed,Almost all of his designs this time are templates。The little tricks are all taught by his teacher,So even if he thinks he has done a lot of bad things,But it is indeed better than many good designers,His only rival is Su Yunxi。
The judges present began to slowly score,They wrote down their favorite scores at the bottom of the screen,The audience and designers who watched on the spot also gave them points。After all, it’s the gap between first place and second place。
“Go take a look at your work,The design is good this time,The mall teacher has a good impression of you,Especially this time the first place is none other than you,After all, Qianjin Elementary School over there is not doing so seriously. Look at his face, it is probably not a good thing to happen.。”Zoe replied,He really really hates those old designers even,But his apprentice must also be very annoying。
“He guessed a lot of things happened recently,Not feeling well,Just solve the misunderstanding with him,There is not much conflict between him and me。Moreover,I don’t want to make enemies in this mall,Everyone is in the same circle,There will be many opportunities to work together in the future,It’s like being kind to others as the teacher has been telling me,Be good to yourself。”What he said is very light,Cute smile on his face。
“It’s you girl,Kindness should also understand some things that he harmed you never thought of helping you,Many things are just trivial to him,But it’s important to you,You want to gain a foothold in this company,Want to be respected by his family,First have to have works,And there are partners who want to cooperate with you,He took your credit,Take up resources that you should own。”Zoe said seriously。
This girl is so stupid,Many things are not what she says is OK,Others have everything,Just like a fool herself,I want to be a good person without anything,In the end is nothing。Everyone is fighting,I want to get my own things,But this idiot doesn’t know anything。
“When my ability got a height,I will be recognized by someone,I don’t have to argue and fight,Besides, I’m having a good time,I just want to help him,He is too lonely here,No one can help him no one can make him feel at ease,As the bad guy,I am not a good person in his eyes,Thus,The only thing he is true to me at least。”He took a deep breath。