This is the first time that ingredients will be used in a bistro……Refined to a clear location。
And the pills made from pig liver。
Character is created‘Five Senses’panel。
‘Inferior Mingmu Wan:Users can improve0.0015Point visual attributes。’
Because of this pill,After taking it for a month,You can see the faraway area,The scene of his mother wiping tears。
In this month,The medicine that Mai Fan took was made by himself。
Under the practice of the tavern,Mai Fan not only mastered the home-cooked dish of liver tip……
He also learned how to control vision beyond ordinary people because of pills。
In Mai Fan’s conscious attempt,He found,The strength of vision is manipulated through his mind。
For example,Nothing happened in recent days,He just needs to meditate:Normal vision,Then he looks at the surroundings,Just like ordinary people。
But if it is a certain day,What does he need to spy。
For example, the new house next to their house……