“Know ah know ah,That’s really scary,Hereby,Bang!!3Individuals are caught under the car,Hands and feet flying all over the ground,Hanging on the tree,This bloody。”
“Don’t talk nonsense,You should make a movie?60Yard speed can hang on the tree?And where’s the hands and feet flying all over the ground?Did you apply anti-harmony patch to the lens privately??”
“Hehehe,Exaggerate,There will be more people watching,Occupational habits,Occupational habits。When it was broadcast that day,I heard someone shouting something happened at the intersection,I’ll follow,Ouch,That’s really miserable,I also helped the victims,Speaking of the live broadcast received a lot of gifts!You can go back and find my replay。”Megami said
Live broadcast……Video……This is a clue
In terms of time,When Meijia passed by,It should be over,If there really is a hobbit like the snake man Daniel said,Should have happened before,Didn’t take it。
“Niss,Let’s look for Meijia’s live video,better than nothing,Always good,What if by any chance。”
Nistina wrote it down in a small notebook,Very serious。
Spark is a little emotional,Have been with myself for half a year,Now the little assistant finally looks like a little assistant。
The youth I gave has finally paid off。
Moved tears。
I remember this girl is really serious,Why do you have to write this little thing so long?Spark took a peek in the past。
Burning grass:15yuan
Chocolate milkshake:12yuan
Mango Double Skin Milk:18yuan