Without handcuffs,Next step,What does he want?
But no matter what he wants,The closest self must have suffered first。
and so,Mai Fan doesn’t have to think about the opponent’s next move,He raised his fist without hesitation,‘boom’,There was a hammer on the head of the king of stealing。
Stealing the king without defense,After a sigh,I completely limp down,He without shackles,It’s back to a dizzy state again。
And the police officer in charge of driving in front,I saw it all in the rearview mirror。
The corner of her mouth,Relax,Steadily drove the car back to the police station。
After they come back,No need to go through any process,The stealing king was dragged to the interrogation room of the special office by Feng Xiaoju.。
As for the stealing king who passed out,After such a toss,Although people wake up,But my mind is still a little confused。
He is sitting in the middle of a small iron cage,Waiting for questions from outsiders。
Even people who have never entered the police interrogation room,I also noticed something wrong at this time。
If it’s a basic question,How can you be so defensive?。
This group of people just ask a question,As for treating him as a monkey,Throw it in the cage?
I probably saw the dissatisfaction in this person’s heart,Officer Jing sitting in the middle of the interrogation table knocked on the table with a pen,Opened up:“Why are you here,And don’t you know about this special treatment??”
“Steal the king?”
Just this sentence,The face of the king who was sitting in the cage drooped。