Su Yunxi slept very restlessly this night,When the sky is shining,Got up from bed。
Wang Ma came up yesterday to check the situation,Also told Xi Dong the good news,It seems that two people are no longer facing each other as before,At least I can live under the same roof now。
Su Yunxi touched his eyes,Fortunately not very swollen。
Staggering,Took a good bath in my room,Su Yunxi packed up and went downstairs。
Longan and Lotus Seed Soup,Wang Ma really cares about family affairs,This bowl of lotus soup,Su Yunxi still smiled and drank it,There is no need to burden others with your own awkward mind,And when will my knot be untied,she does not know。
“I’m going to the construction site recently,May come back later,Wait until Chen Chen comes home,Maybe I’ll be back early。”
Holding Chen Chen’s favorite toy,Su Yunxi rushed to the hospital early。
I just met Xi Yuanjun。
“father。”Su Yunxi said politely。
“You go in and accompany Chen Chen,I go shopping outside。”
It seems that I have already had breakfast。
Inside is the new nurse,Chen Chen has woken up,Red eyes,Like crying,but,Hear the movement outside the door,I saw Su Yunxi coming,Laughed at once。
That nurse is a witty,Went straight to the door。