Mai Fan smiled:“Look at this and it ends up?You feel right about it when you put it on me,How to throw it on Leng Yunfei,It becomes incredible?”
“You know that there are many types of top flow,Some traffic just rushes for money,Of course you can’t。But as long as this traffic has some ideas and pursuits,Then they will definitely agree to my request。”
“Director Cheng,You have to adapt to the environment too,Our movie is a commercial movie。”
“You can’t because its classification is too unpopular and niche,I ignored the word business。”
“Our film was not made for awards,But to make money and make money。To establish you and me in the film industry……A blockbuster of real status。”
“Just the money we made from making niche movies,3000Ten thousand,Thrown into the current investment forecast,It’s not even a splash of water。”
“But look now,Since Leng Feiyun joined this film……”
“How many investors have already contacted our crew?”
The assistant standing by hurriedly took out the information。
“Three sponsored ads,Five placement ads。”
“Take a look,Take a look,This is the result。”
“Science fiction films want to make good,You must pay a big price for post-production,Hard work。”