“Of course,The quality of this business,It’s not enough to rely on my own strength。”
“Want to achieve the goal I just mentioned,It also requires the joint efforts of all employees of our entire company!”
“I hope,After making adjustments,All employees,Can take this goal as the direction of forge ahead。”
“Even if it’s to keep your job,Get a better salary……I also need everyone to work hard together!”
“hope,We can work together,Overcoming difficulties,Forge ahead,Open up a better future!!”
“I’m done,Thank you all for correcting。”
Finished,Mai Fan bowed to the audience,When looking up,His expression is so firm,His eyes are so bright。
The people in the audience are emotional,The people in the audience were excited。
I don’t know who brought a head first,Pop pop,Cheered up the applause that was not given just now。
And this is like a signal,After a person applauds,Wow……Thunderous applause from the whole auditorium。
Mai Fan is standing on the stage of the auditorium,Waiting for this enthusiasm to ebb,Towards the end,Raised his hand and pressed it down。
“Thank you for your trust in me。”
“Of course,The future we want,It takes more people to work together。”
“In fact, when I took over our company,I have done some research on the current situation。”
“Let me read it to everyone,The data I have。”
“Grain, Oil and Food Corporation has two branches and one major category。”