“Don’t you know that this kind of thing is involved in cause and effect,Your sin,We must give back to our sisters in the end。”
“The two of us are clean and cultivating immortals and want to go the right way,But I was dragged down by you。”
“today,If you don’t give an explanation,We will kill your monkey head。”
As soon as your voice came over,There is also a green steel sword。
The sword body of this sword is just stuck between Xuanyuan Batian’s fist and Mai Fan.,Let the giant monkey paw of the King Kong ape not even move。
But after this monster race ran away,Has a fatal weakness。
That is the loss of basic sanity,We are the enemy。
Stuck monkey,But I didn’t recognize the owner of this voice。
He felt his attack was blocked,On the contrary, it became more violent。
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah”
The vajra ape with its monkey paws back beats his chest angrily。
Crimson eyes turned to the owner of the green steel sword that interrupted his attack.。
This is a woman in Tsing Yi。
Combing two round buns,Even the ribbons and shoe socks are all the bright colors。
“Xiaoqing looks really good。”
Mai Fan turned around too,I saw this pretty girl。
Little green girl is clever,Turning his face to Mai Fan and showing a sweet smile:“You little monk is very visionary。”
“Do not worry,It’s so sweet to your mouth,Sister, I want to save your lives today。”