After listening to this, Hua Yingying let go,She doesn’t want to see Mai Fan worry about this time anymore。
After notifying Mai Fan of the result of the meeting,Hua Yingying is like a okay person,Waiting at the gate of Kyongjoong City Security Administration。
She waited until Mr. Gu,In the other’s surprised eyes,Told me what I came for。
This makes Mr. Gu very useful。
After all, in his impression,His talented apprentice doesn’t seem to take this teacher too seriously。
Mr. Gu always feels that Mai Fan’s respect for him is superficial,It seems to be the disguise of many adults,Not much sincere。
But now take a look,He treats himself this teacher,I still care about it。
Mr. Gu wants to go to the overseas market,There is no secret itinerary,Let Hua Yingying follow,Nothing。
then,So Mai Fan got Gu Shenyan’s itinerary early。
For example, he spent a few days at sea,How many people are accompanying,And when will they leave Shanghai again。
This itinerary,Gave Mai Fan a lot of space to manipulate。
Until the third day after Hua Yingying leaves,Mai Fan got in touch with the red intelligence personnel who started again。
But this time,Ji Zhongyuan who has been in contact with him for many years hides,The new line of the reunion turned out to be when Mai Fan was in Xiangcheng a few years ago,Just buried the second line。
After what went wrong in the overseas market,The route of Tianjin that he can contact。
The new contact person in Tianjin who contacted him,Also surprised Mai Fan。