“But get married and live,Can’t you have the revolutionary ideas of your parents in that life?。”
“look,It’s a new era now,There are still many problems we have to face。”
“For example,Do you know what is going on in my house now?”
“My parents and brothers and I have almost become strangers,Do you know all this?”
The rice grain shook his head blankly,Waiting for Mai Fan’s retelling。
After she listened to the cause and effect,The whole face is red with anger。
“How can I blame you!your family,How can your family be like this!”
“Mai Fan,do not worry!Our family is definitely not like this!”
“If they know your situation,Will definitely be on my side!”
“This group of people,Simply weird!”
The expression of rice grains is too cute,Mai Fan couldn’t help but wanted to tease her:“Oh?Of course your family is on your side。”
“How to listen to what you mean,You are on my side?”
“You are all on my side,Does it mean,We are a family?”
Words fall,The rice grains were polished for a moment,I understand the meaning of this sentence。
Good now,The red that didn’t retreat,Gushing out again。
She is a little bit shy,It’s not sweet enough。
Just when she was at a loss,Mai Fan handed his big hand to the rice grains。
“Comrade Rice,My name is Mai Fan,male,27year old,I want to have a relationship with Comrade Mi Li for the purpose of getting married。”
“from now on,Need to take care!”