“You also know the situation of our family,I haven’t received an account on my file yet。”
“When the school adjusted the file,It’s not pretty!”
“Find our house and ask about the situation,What can I do if I keep my household registration under my parents??”
“This is not,I saved a lot of money when I went to the countryside,You know Yanbei too,Is a suburb,Buy a house in the suburbs,Really not much money。”
This is also。
The people in the street office marveled at Mai Fan’s execution ability,But I have never doubted the problem of housing prices in the suburbs of Beijing。
At this time, there is no platform for buying and selling houses.,As long as the house is here,Are all private transactions。
Since Mai Fan provided all the formalities,The official seal of Dianhai District is on it,It’s not a problem for him to issue a certificate。
Three under five divide two,Maifan uses per square meter700Yuan price,I bought a front door face on the corner of that street,In-line courtyard。
The wasteland behind is a gift,Add the previous business area and the living area together,Did not exceed60Square meter。
Toss and toss most of Mai Fan’s money from Brother Quan’s Tao Teng,The only good thing is,Mai Fan has his own home outside the school。
Turn around,When it’s time for college entrance。
Mai Fan’s home address is too close,Is within the scope of day permitted by the school。
Then there are intensive reports,Grouping,Meet the teacher,Distribute books,Collection of timetables and many other complicated things。
Wait until Mai Fan is familiar with the rhythm of the school,Everything is on track,Time flickered to a month later。
During the rare National Day holiday,Mai Fan ushered in two important people。
They stood a little cramped at the gate of Yanbei University,See Mai Fan’s figure,Then he smiled relievedly。