Only the cover of this notice is red,The back and the inside are quite satisfactory white。
The floor plan of the university is sealed on the bottom,The cover is printed with a bronzing school badge and a few particularly obvious characters:Admission Letter—Yanbei University。
The font is very large,Even the old man standing two meters away can see clearly。
“Oh my God!Fan Mai is from Yanbei University?Is the Yanbei University I thought?Is the Yanbei University in the northern suburbs?”
Mai Fan nodded and smiled:“Yes!”I opened the admission notice while talking。
Separate inside。
The content of the admission notice is written on the left。
Mai Fan:
Notify you now……Become a major in economics at Yanbei University8XSession……We sincerely welcome you!
On the right side of the admission notice is the introduction of Yanbei University。
Simple at a glance。
Mai Fan watched it twice,Keep the notice。