In order to achieve one’s own purpose,Some people will do whatever it takes。Even though he is the daughter of aristocratic family,He is not sure that he will not hide this thought。Some people can buy it with money,Some people can only rely on means,Maybe he has money and knows how,I really can’t beat him。
“Are you afraid,I think i will hurt you?”Xiao Yushan said unhappy。
“You and I know it well,We are not good people,So stop pretending to be these good people。”Finished,He took another cup of black tea and went to the office。
Zoe, you saw him coming in and you noticed that his hand was burned a lot,Red and swollen,It’s really ugly。He frowned slightly,Somewhat unhappy。
“Let you make black tea,Did you make me a black tea with the smell of pig feet??”Although the tone is joking and joking,But he knows very well,This is definitely not a hot joke。This big piece of black tea,Unless it is splashed very close。
First156chapter Sweet and greasy
Su Yunxi sighed slightly,It’s really hard to understand。Even though the design drawings he did draw sometimes won’t catch his teacher’s eyes,How can you say that your little hands are trotters??At the very least, it’s a cute cat paw。
“master,Don’t make fun of me,I accidentally burned it myself,There is no such thing as obedient,I’ll go out and feel the burn cream by myself。”She said helplessly,Even a little embarrassed。
“I can soak your own water if you make a cup of black tea。It’s really amazing,I have never carried scald cream here all year round,Maybe you don’t have it there either。Just here,How can little girl put scald cream on her desk??”Sighed,Looked at my phone。“I’ll ask running errands to bring you a pot of scald cream,The pharmacy is still some distance from the company,Not so good to go out like this。Has it been covered with ice??”He asked with concern。
Girl’s hands are precious,Especially for people like them who study design, this song is not more precious。Something went wrong,It will be fatal to them in the future。Hands are very special for a girl。
“Don’t be so troublesome,When I was young, I used to cook and burn myself,Such an injury is not a serious injury。I can solve the problem by myself。master,You don’t have to worry,Drink your black tea,I’ll go out and buy a can of scald cream and I’ll be back。”Saying he was going to leave。
“This lunch break has passed,Go get scald cream,At the end they have to say you again。”He sighed,Beckon。“You,Let me show you something honestly。”
Talking,He took out a cooperation case and put it on the table。
“What is it?”Su Yunxi took it out of the desktop curiously,Turn it over,This is not the latest cooperation case his teacher has received recently,It was also the biggest cooperation case the company sent him。
“The other party wants15Works,One is still the main picture,So what about you?The task during this time is to complete it,I will also complete one by myself,Let me see how good your grades are。I believe that experience teaching is much more than what I told you verbally。This is too much,Naturally you will learn more。”He smiled,Point to this attachment。“Hold this well,I believe you can,do not worry,This is attachment,He can’t do anything big。I hope to see better results。”
The design drawings designed for this competition already made him feel very bright.,He is more convinced,After the girl in front of him has been carved,Only getting better。
Probably his own achievements are very remarkable,Especially these days,He did wrap himself very tightly,From outside,Some people say he is a lunatic,Some people say he is a genius。After all, many of his design drawings don’t understand,Or fancy,But people who understand。Too simple and elegant yet very peaceful。Different people have a different taste when looking at his design drawings。This is the mystery of his design。
“Thank you, teacher,You give me this chance。Your work has always been controversial,So actually I understand,Controversy on the design drawing is also appropriate,Plus design,If there is no dispute,But lost its own taste。”She said helplessly。“Don’t worry,I will definitely make a very good design drawing this time。”