“Mai Fan,Did I tell you,I am very happy in my life。”
“Ok,Said,You repeat this sentence with me every day。”
“is it,Happy i want to sleep。”
“Then you go to sleep,I’ll be by your side。”
Mai Fan felt the weakness of his lover,He did not leave,He just sat on the bedside and waited quietly。
Wait until the rice grains are asleep like close your eyes……
Mai Fan immersed himself in the tavern。
No time has changed in the tavern。
The black dial lies quietly in the center of the cash register。
Mai Fan opened this dial with a snap,Looking at the only one that exists1with0.
He stretched his finger over,Put your finger on1The pointer above is broadcast back0。
The watch shines……
A little bit of starlight filled Mai Fan standing in the tavern。
These stars gather into a big net,Shrouded Mai Fan,Next second,Swish,Pulling Mai Fan and disappearing between the world。
Beyond the consciousness,The villain of this world,The name is Mai Fan,That dressPOLOShirt,An old man,With a happy smile,Fell on his wife’s bed。