Gu Shenyan never thought about it,Mai Fan would have such courage,He is in the Leicester club,In addition to trading with Ding Ran,Incidentally, it has something to do with many aspects。
Just from the route of Mai Fan’s collection and sales of intelligence,He doesn’t seem to stick to any beliefs or doctrine。
He just collected meaningful information,And provide it to organizations that he thinks are meaningful。
Of course,All this is done under the eyelids of the current organization。
Mai Fan’s current identity,It just became his biggest and safest umbrella。
The head of the red organization connected with Mai Fan,After listening to what he said,Very puzzled by his choice。
Mai Fan didn’t explain anything to the other party。。
Because if you say,According to the Red Revolutionary Party’s tendency to persuade people to join in and inculcate new ideas.,On the contrary, it will alarm the old and cunning Mr. Gu,Cause unnecessary trouble。
Mai Fan doesn’t want to be at this time,Under Mr. Gu’s nose,Expose what’s hidden in his heart……Real attributes。
sometimes,A person’s true attributes,It’s not about where or where he is,But where his heart is。
Which side does his heart favor,What kind of faith are you willing to follow,What is his attribute。
So Mai Fan won’t talk nonsense with them。
“I have my reasons,I just ask you,Do you want to exchange?”