Riding a bicycle,And head towards the grain, oil and food company。
After arriving at Mai Fan’s office,Nothing else。
No matter how busy Mai Fan is,I have to eat the food with her,Keep working。
Wait until Mai Fan finishes eating and start to get busy。
She would sit quietly with a book and watch,Or carrying sweater needles,Outline a new chapter for the coming winter。
Sometimes Mai Fan feels that working overtime is too late,I want to let the rice go back first。
Who would have thought that this somewhat stubborn girl was shaking her head:“I’m doing courseware here,There is some motivation to do handwork。”
“Wait till home,Easy to be lazy。”
Mai Fan knows,This girl is just worried about his body。
She found an excuse to stay here,Convenient every hour,Called him from his seat,Let him move。
Once the working time exceeds ten o’clock。
Mi Lier will definitely persuade him to go home。
“Work is never finished,But the body is its own。”
Maybe I’m used to living a regular life in the army,Rice grains are for the irregular life of Mai Fan……Is very worried。
Thanks to the meticulous care of the rice grains,So that Mai Fan can survive the most difficult three months without disease。
After these three months of getting along……The relationship between the two of them is rapidly heating up。
Mai Fan has already regarded rice grains as his future wife。
On the way home with rice grains one day,Mai Fan made a request that was not too excessive。