He took back the tablet in front of Mai Zhentian,She gave her a confident smile:“sister,Why do you think that my personal Weibo only shows our product pictures??”
“Living person,Or the role of traffic stars,Still behind。”
“People in these circles,I have been exploring how to convert fans into real money。”
“Nowadays,I’m going to demonstrate to this group of people,What is a successful model。”
“I said,sister,Our public relations department,Word-of-mouth tracking for new ads,Is there a result??”
Mai is really sweet for a moment,Put the coffee cup down:“You wait,I remember they sent it to my mailbox。”
“I’ll go upstairs to get it for you。”
Just at this time,In the strongest idol, Aiman underwear interstitial is released。
“Hey!Wait,Let’s take a look at your brother’s film。”
“This should be the first time we love Man underwear appeared in the strongest idol column。”
“Let’s take a look at the advertising effect。”
Finished,Mai Fan turned his head,Put my sight on the Internet。